Fighting Past Wars

Well into my adult life I continued to have dreams that I was in High School. When I would get in trouble I would say “I don’t care I’m 56” but I kept returning. These dreams continued and advanced to college but the underlying theme was the same, I had outgrown the problems.

Now I’m retired and don’t need to work to help pay the bills but I still find myself thinking about job interviews. I would be happy to have some employment if it was fulfilling and didn’t interfere with travel, but there is no way I would submit a resume or sit through a typical Interview and be asked “Tell me of a situation where you went above and beyond to provide good customer service”

I posted on FB asking if anyone could hook me up with a Sinecure but I didn’t get any responses.

Let’s face it, I’m checked out. My main interests are my morning Latte’, watching my Portfolio, reading tons of books on my Kindle and telling my wife I adore her. This is interspersed with finding places right on the water to go and chill or spending time with my grandkids.

When the weather is good I like to take long walks or ride my bike along the river. But when it’s the freakin’ dead of winter I just stay around the house.

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