Pocket Time Machine

When Summer ends Autumn comes and the weather turns cold. You go to your closet and get your coat or jacket.

Have you ever found money in the pocket? (I have). How did it make you feel? (It made me feel great)

This is how Saving works. You send money into the future. When you get there and find the money you feel great.

This is the whole philosophy: “A little and a little makes a lot”. Send good stuff into the future and you’ll be happy when you get there. If you send debt into the future it can be bleak.

Money in your pocket

When I was younger I would put my money in my pocket and then go about my day. After a bit my money would all be gone and I’d find myself wondering just where I had spent it all. I found that I could rarely account for it all and wondered if I hadn’t dropped some of it on the sidewalk.

This led me to think that if I couldn’t remember what I had spent it on I probably wouldn’t miss it if I set it aside up front and put it in the bank.

This is how I save money.

Different kinds of Savings

When I talk about Saving I mostly mean for Retirement but there are other kinds.

You could be saving up for a car or a home or a trip to Europe. You should set up different accounts for different purposes. That way your Retirement account can remain inviolate. It’s important that you don’t think of it as money you can spend.

The Gym Dilemma

You’ve probably experienced this. You decide it’s time to go to gym and get in shape.

The problem is you work out too hard and in the next day or two are so sore that you don’t go back to the gym.

The same thing can happen with Saving. If you set aside too much of your income then you have to take money back out to pay your bills. This violates the bubble and your savings are no longer safe from being withdrawn.

So when it comes to saving you need to pick a doable amount.